Wendy Fitterman is Reese's first mentioned crush in the series. She is only mentioned in "Cheerleader". {{Performer Lisa Lewolt First Appearence:

  1. Season 1, Episode: Cheerleader

Last Appearence:

  1. Season 1, Episode: Cheerleader


She is the head cheerleader for the Wildcats. Reese falls in love with her, but his failed attempts to attract her (throwing things at her, teasing her, slamming her head into a water fountain, etc.) cause him great heart-break, and Malcolm can't help but give him advice. "Do what she likes to do." Unfortunately, Reese takes him literally and joins the squad. Mortified, Malcolm is ashamed to be a Krelboyne whose brother is a cheerleader. Still, he can't help but laugh at him. But when Reese gets good, with the help of Malcolm, Wendy compliments on his form. But Reese breaks under pressure and is up to his old tricks.

Reese becomes depressed and decides to give up. but Malcolm presses him on because he "spent an hour with my hand on your ass!" Hal gives the boys 'the talk' and Malcolm convinces Reese that he can 'break the cycle'.

Reese gives it another try and tells Wendy how he feels. Wendy tells Reese that she also like him, and the link hands. But since they were supporting the pyramid formation, and linking hands causes them to make the whole thing colapse. It then shows a close up of Reese and Wendy's hands emerge from the pile, still holding on.

After this episode, Wendy is never mentioned or seen again.


Wendy has blue eyes and blonde hair. In some flashbacks, she is shown wearing a handband, sweater and a skirt.


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