Stevie Kenarban, played by Craig Lamar Traylor. As Malcolm's best friend, Stevie first meets him in the pilot; they are in the same accelerated class through middle school and most of high school. They originally met on a play date and took a liking to each other through a mutual interest in comic books. Stevie is a wheelchair user and has severe asthma, and only one lung; as a result, he speaks softly and can only say one or two words on each breath. Stevie has a sarcastic side, has outsmarted Malcolm and Reese numerous times, and has even managed to get the better of Reese physically on occasion. Stevie has proven on many occasions to be a much stronger, more compitant person then both his parents. In fact taking care of him was was whole reason Kitty stayed with Abe in the first place, once Stevie started to become more independent, Kitty said he was fine and took off. She had divorced Abe who did not tell Stevie for TWO whole months because he didn't have the heart to, so He tried to get Hal, Lois or Malcolm to do it but he ultimatley found out from Reese and he fell into a deep depression. He stopped talking and only communicated with people through a voice box. Abe had managed (though pathetically) to snap him out of it, In the two years since his mother left, she had called Stevie up while drunk asking for money, and He saw his father burn his wedding album. He started to have less tolerence for Malcolm's constant complaining about his family, after two years Kitty came back begging for forgivness, Stevie and Abe welcomed her back with open arms which shocked Lois, because she had totally abandoned them, though it was clear they were still very angry with her

but wanted her to stay so they took their anger out on Lois.

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