Piama Tananahaakna, played by Emy Coligado, is Francis' wife; she appears for the first time in "Hal's Birthday" during the third season. She was 19 when she married Francis, and had been married before. Her mother moved away long ago, and her father kicked her out when she was 14. After Lois is mistreated by Hal's family, Lois treats Piama better, seeing that the actions against her by her husband's family reflect how she is acting towards Piama. Their relations change permanently after Hal and Francis take a motorcycle roadtrip against their wives' wishes. She later comes to work for the Mannkussers (who own the dude ranch where Francis works). She mostly serves as a voice of reason between Francis and his family. Although it has never been directly stated (Francis says she is "fiery" in "Hal's Birthday"), the series hints that both her attitude towards Francis and others, and her mannerisms, are very much like Lois'. As shown in the final episode, she supports Francis' new job as a programmer, and his decision not to tell Lois about it.

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