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Patton is Jack Russell Terrier owned by Head Master Edwin Spangler in Season One of Malcolm in the Middle. He doesn't really play that big of a role, since he only appears in one episode, "Funeral". In the one part, it shows Francis smoking a cigarette. After he says to himself, "I get a lot out of trouble," he hits a pool ball at another cadet's head. As the cadet furiously chases him out of the room, another cadet declares, "Commandant on the floor!". Still smoking, Francis drops the cigarette on the floor, steps on it to put it out, and hides it under his foot. As Spangler walks in, Patton in hand, the cadets line up. He then says, "I smell smoke....Who is responsible?" When no one answers, he says, "We'll have to do this the hard way, Patton." Still in hand, Patton lets Spangler know a cadet is innocent by softly growling as they walk by them. After he gets to Francis, Patton lets out three sharp, howls/barks. Spangler says, "Cadet, please lift up your foot." After Francis reveals the cigarette, Spangler puts Patton on the floor and gives them a lecture. In that time, Patton grabs onto Spangler's pantleg with his teeth. After a while, Spangler continues, "No hot water for this floor! Three months!" He then leaves the room, Patton still clinging to his leg.

Angry, the other cadets beat Francis up. After other scenes including the other family members, it goes back to Francis, who is showing Stanley, his bodygaurd, a snake he purchased named Otis, claimimg he is "a symbol of everything that is beautiful." Stanley warns him that he'll get in trouble, but Francis ignores him.

Later, Spangler erupts into the room where the cadets hang out, furious and demanding to know who owned the snake. Apparently, Otis had eaten Patton. Spangler says, "Our beloved Patton was set upon by a serpent. I myself fired a few rounds as it slithered away...." He punishes the cadets after he learns that Francis was responsible. The other cadets surround Francis, but to Francis's surprise, they congratulate him. "We hated that yappy little rat!"

That is the only time Patton is ever mentioned in the series.


Patton is a small Jack Russell Terrier with short legs, a short tail, and floppy ears. He has a chesnut-colored patch over his left eye, small, chesnut-colored patches on his body, and brown eyes. He also has a black, spiked collar around his neck.


Patton has a tough adittude, but according to Spangler, he is "ungrateful, but even he knows the importance of obedience." Patton seems to be a clever dog. It seems like he and Spangler shared a bond.


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