Otto Mannkusser is Francis' German boss and sidekick for the fourth and fifth seasons. He meets Francis while stopping for a pit stop along the highway where Francis' car broke down while driving from Alaska. Otto is in charge of The Grotto, a dude ranch (named after the two in the episode "Zoo", Otto says "She is Gretchen, I am Otto - Grotto"). Otto is married to Gretchen and has an estranged son, Rutger, whom he tearfully wishes would contact him and Gretchen. Otto is both gullible and a bit of a pushover; he hires too many employees and gives them extra vacation days. However, after Francis works on the ranch for a little over two years, Otto fires him when the ATM that Francis was depositing his funds into was not really an ATM. Otto then decides to sue Francis. His last name might be derived from the ill-formed German expression "Mannküsser", literally meaning "man kisser." In the German version of the show, the Mannkussers are Danes and speak with a very heavy Danish accent.

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