Otis is a anaconda that Francis bought at the academy. He's only mentioned in the episode "Funeral". Francis buys Otis for an unknown reason, and kept him in his foot locker. Stanley was there when Francis brought him, and tried to reason with him that it was a bad idea. Francis ignored him. Later, Otis escapes the footlocker, much to the two's surprise. As they search frantically, they hear Patten , Edwin Spangler 's Jack Russell Terrier, yelp as Spangler screams, "Patten!!" The scene ends there wih the usual door slamming sound.

In the next scene that features Francis, Spangler is giving the cadets a lecture in which that Patten was eaten by Otis. After Spangler confronts Francis, he punishes them with no cable for two months and leaves. The cadets surround Francis, but congratulate him, saying, "We hated that yappy little rat!"

Otis apparently ran away and was never seen or mentioned again.


Otis is an olive-green anaconda with dark green diamonds on his back.


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