Lloyd and Dabney Hooper, played by Evan Matthew Cohen and Kyle Sullivan, are Malcolm and Stevie's Krelboyne classmates and best friends for the first four seasons of the show. As Krelboynes (gifted students), Lloyd and Dabney are often bullied by their classmates (including Reese), and they often suffer the consequences of schemes with which they help Malcolm. However, even though they're Krelboynes, they actually do get into trouble like the time in the episode "High School Play", they built a rocket as their "secret project", the rocket went out of control and wreaks havoc throughout the school. Like Malcolm's other Krelboyne friends, Lloyd and Dabney appear less frequently during the show's fourth season, eventually leaving Stevie as Malcolm's only friend by Season 5. Interestingly, Lloyd and Dabney are two of the undergraduate houses at Caltech, a university well known for its emphasis on the natural sciences and engineering.

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