Lionel Herkabe, played by Chris Eigeman, Malcolm's somewhat competitive teacher and later principal for 8th grade and much of High School, is divorced and in debt though he used to be a dot-com millionaire. He was a Krelboyne like Malcolm and manipulates Malcolm for his own purposes. During his appearances on the show, he usually got Malcolm to participate in one of his schemes involving cheating at a quiz decathlon or videotaping Reese's private thoughts, but Malcolm always found a way to outsmart Herkabe at the end of each episode. Herkabe was extremely egotisical, shallow and petty. He did anything to win at any cost even at his students expense.

However in Malcolm Defends Reese, Herkabe had once got Malcolm to agree to fail all of his classes intentionally if he leaves Reese alone. However, he makes the biggest mistake of all by confessing that he failed Gym and lied about not taking the class for years in order to protect his GPA award. Malcolm gets his revenge on Mr. Herkabe by telling the school principal, Mr. Hodges(Steve Vinovich) about it. The next day, Herkabe is humiliated when he loses his GPA award as his punishment for failing gym and lying about not taking the course for years. The GPA award is retuned to Edna Thornby, a blind and clubfooted woman who managed to pass gym despite her disabilites. Herkabe was last seen being humiliated by an overly excited Reese who's been tossing dodgeballs at him out of revenge for all the humiliation he's endured. After that, he was never seen again.

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