Jessica is a character in who is seen in Seasons 4, and 5. She is potrayed as a pathological liar, and uses her special talent to twist emotions to acquire things she wants. During the episode Stereo Store she uses that talent to keep Dewey, Reese, and Malcolm at home while Hal works. She continued to do this during the epsiode till Dewey acts like he's sleeping on her lap and learns her secrets while she was playing truth, or dare. While Reese goes out to the party however she gets Malcolm to stay by acting stupid.

At one point she managed to convince Malcolm that Reese was gay, and told Reese that Malcolm was gay in order to attend a musical. Even though the plan worked Malcolm, and Reese get her back by claiming that she had given Malcolm a hicky.

She also stayed at the Wilkerson's house at one point due to her father's behavior. While she was there she manipulated Lois into letting her drive the car, and ends up showing Malcolm how to use her talent the same way she does.

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