Jamie was played by identical twin brothers James and Lukas Rodriguez in his later episodes.[7] In his earlier episodes when he was a baby, he was played by twin sisters Kallysta and Katalina Adams and Jessica and Kara Sanford.[8] The character first appeared in season four of the show on May 18, 2003.[9] Jamie is the youngest of the family for almost all of the series, but that changes on the series finale's Epilogue where it is revealed that Lois is pregnant again. Like his older brothers, in the episode "Lois Battles Jamie", Jamie proves to be more than a handful for Lois; refusing to eat his peas, getting himself banned from Gymboree and being able to slip away from his chair numerous times. He is also the first of the boys to attempt to kill Lois by pushing a huge shelf on her, but is unsuccessful, as Lois rolled away just in time. (However, it was revealed that Reese had been giving him three cans of Kapow soda per day, which is why Jamie had been acting so crazy. According to Reese, "half a can made him nuts.") Jamie was the first to ever actually break Lois' spirit, forcing her and Hal to call Francis so he could remember what made her the mother she was. Though Francis was in extremely emotional pain he managed to remind Lois what made her the parent she was. Jamie has managed to remain silent for a vast majority of his time on the series. The only words that he ever said were "shut up," when Lois, in an effort to get Jamie to start talking, filled every second with thoughts about her day and early life, most notably about her miserable adolescence and "Francis" in the episode "Blackout". In the character's first appearance, Jamie's gender was left ambiguous, which makes sense given that the character was a boy being played by two girls.

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