Cadet Eric Hanson, played by Eric Nenninger. Francis' fellow cadet at the academy, and friend for the first three seasons. Eric was Francis's reluctant sidekick and normally suffered the consequences of the antics caused by Francis. On several occasions, Eric has mentioned that he has two fathers. At the start of season three, Eric turns eighteen, drops out of the academy, and goes to work in an Alaskan lodge. Francis emancipates himself and follows soon after, but both of them learn that their jobs aren't as great as they hoped. In the season 3 finale, Lavernia fires everybody after the land was bought. Francis and his wife Piama (whom he got married to earlier on in the season) move out of Alaska in search of another home and another job but Eric is left behind to hitchhike on the highway, possibly as revenge for suggesting Alaska in the first place. His fate is unknown.

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