Commandant Edwin Spangler, played by Daniel von Bargen, is the strict and hard-nosed military veteran in charge of the cadets at Marlin Academy. He suffers from dozens of injuries and has lost his right eye, his left hand, and his right ring finger; ironically none of these are combat-related, as he has never served in wartime. For the first two seasons and beginning of season three, Francis was Spangler's most rebellious student and clashed with him on many occasions. Halfway through the third season, Spangler reveals that he was about to quit his job from boredom, but Francis gave him a purpose in life in trying to discipline him. He affectionately presents a ceremonial sword in recognition to Francis, who then accidentally cuts off his one remaining hand. After Spangler's life goes downhill as Francis stood out as his only failure. Spangler is fired from the academy, tracks Francis to Alaska, and attempts to kill him at first. Taking pity on Commandant Spangler Francis attempts to get him a job but he fails his interview by showing up drunk. Eric made Francis realise that 'the only thing that ever made him remotely happy was tormenting and bullying helpless students.' They quickly find him a job at the Snow Haven Retirement Home where he has the freedom to bully the elderly. After this he is never seen again.

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